Required Documents

One hard copy and one electronic copy of the following:


  • Optional Pre-Application Meeting
  • Application Fee
    • Administrative Adjustment: $250.00
    • Administrative Use Permit:
      • Residential: $350.00
      • Non-Residential: $500.00
  • Universal Development Application
  • Warranty Deed
  • Survey (no older than two years)
  • Project Narrative:
    • Information stating facts regarding the proposed use, such as hours of operation, number of employees, number of vehicles parked, etc.
    • Justification Statement Addressing the Administrative Use/Administrative Adjustment Criteria in Section 23.2-28.b.3 and Section 23.2-28.b.4, which are as follow:
      • General findings relating to adherence with LDRs and comprehensive plan. Prior to approving any administrative use permit, the development review official shall find based on competent and substantial evidence that:
        • The proposed use or development conforms to the applicable provisions of the comprehensive plan.
        • The proposed use or development conforms to the applicable provisions of these LDRs.
        • The subject property is in compliance with all laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to uses, subdivision, and any other applicable provisions of the City Code, or can demonstrate previous approval of the existing nonconformity.
        • The proposed use or development will not generate traffic to a level higher than that of a use permitted by right for the site.
        • The required landscape buffering has been provided for project sites that are adjacent to properties that are zoned for residential use.
        • All activities of the use occur on site, or as permitted by separate permit as provided by code, such as but not limited to right of way permit or sidewalk cafĂ© permit.
        • The proposed use makes adequate provisions for adverse impacts on protected land uses as defined in section 23.1-12.
      • Additional requirements. Prior to approving any Administrative Use Permit, the Development Review Official shall ensure that the following requirements have been met:
        • Any and all outstanding code enforcement fees and fines related to the project site have been paid to the City.
        • Any previously imposed conditions of approval for the use at the site have been met, if applicable.

Required As Needed

  • Site Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations
  • Traffic Statement or Study