Required Documents

Two hard copies and one electronic copy of the following:


  • Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting
  • Application Fee: $150
  • Universal Development Application
  • Sign Posting Agreement
  • Warranty Deed
  • Detailed Rendering(s) and Sketch(es) to scale prepared in a professional manner clearly indicating the intended appearance of the proposed mural as it relates to the elevation on which it will be applied
  • Color Photographs of the building showing the wall(s) to be painted in relation to adjacent streets
  • Color Samples (Precisely Identified)
  • Mural Removal Agreement (Executed and Notarized for Owner and Tenant, if applicable)
  • Artist(s) Credentials
  • Justification Statement addressing the following:
    • Written Description of Proposed Mural
    • The Goals and Objectives of the Comprehensive Plan,
    • Compliance with the Community Appearance Criteria in Section 23-2.31(l), which are as follows:
      • The plan for the proposed structure or project is in conformity with good taste, good design, and in general contributes to the image of the City as a place of beauty, spaciousness, harmony, taste, fitness, broad vistas and high quality.
      • The proposed structure or project is not, in its exterior design and appearance, of inferior quality such as to cause the nature of the local environment or evolving environment to materially depreciate in appearance and value.
      • The proposed structure or project is in harmony with the proposed developments in the general area, with code requirements pertaining to site plan, signage and landscaping, and the comprehensive plan for the City, and with the criteria set forth herein.
      • The proposed structure or project is in compliance with this section and 23.2-29, as applicable.