Required Documents

One hard copy and one electronic copy of the following:


  • Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting
  • Application Fee:
    • Single-Family Residential:$350
      • Additional: $100
    • Multi-Family Residential/Commercial/Mixed-Use: $1,500
      • Additional:$200
    • Boat/Recreational Vehicle Parking:$250
    • Signs:$500
  • Universal Development Application
  • Sign Posting Agreement
  • Warranty Deed
  • Survey (no older than two years)
  • Justification Statement to address the Variance Criteria in Section 23.2-26.b, which are as follows:
    • Special circumstances or conditions exist which are peculiar to the land or building of which the variance is sought and do not apply generally to nearby lands and buildings, and that is not a result of action of the applicant.
    • The strict application of the provisions of this chapter would deprive the applicant of reasonable use of the land or building for which the variance is sought.
    • The variance proposed is the minimum variance which makes possible the reasonable use of the land or building.
    • That the granting of the variance will be in accordance with the spirit and purpose of the chapter, and will not be unduly injurious to contiguous property or the surrounding neighborhood nor otherwise detrimental to the public welfare.

Required As Needed

  • Site Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations
  • Traffic Statement or Study