Message from your Electric Utilities Director

I’m pleased to report that Lake Worth Beach’s Electric Utility continues to work to improve the customer experience. From electric rates, to reliability of service, and ease of making payments, our team is working hard to meet your needs.

Over a period of five years, your utility worked to reach rate parity with our neighboring utility by February of 2018, and has since maintained a stable rate environment while making much needed improvements to the system. In addition, your electric rates have been reduced to the point where our typical customer using 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month sees a bill that is in the lowest 25% of all electric utilities in the state of Florida.

Meanwhile our focus on decreasing outages is paying off with noticeable improvements in system reliability. As I reported to the City Commission, for the first six months of 2019 our system’s average frequency of interruptions and duration of interruptions has been reduced by 35% and 56% respectively over the same period in 2018, while customers’ average interruptions have decreased 32%, with the average length of interruptions having decreased by 33%. While these are great results and reflect the hard and smart work by our employees and contractors, we by no means are checking reliability improvements off the list and calling it a victory. We have much work ahead of us to continue to harden and improve our transmission and distribution systems to deliver sustainable results. Our plans include over $100 million dollars of investment in electric infrastructure over the coming years, all aimed at renewing infrastructure and improve the quality and reliability of service to our customers.

Since 2018 over $13 million has been invested in completed or ongoing improvement work. While much of this investment has been spent in areas not readily apparent to customers, crews are visible today making improvements. As I write, crews are working on circuits on the east side of our downtown to transfer customers to higher voltages and reduce loading on lower voltage circuits. Other crews are working along Lake Osborne Drive, Detroit Street, Engle Road, and soon after Lake Worth Road to deliver improvements to customers on the west side of the service territory.

To improve your payment experience our customer service team has begun to roll out a new payment process for customers who elect to pay their City of Lake Worth Beach utility bills in cash, this includes all of the items on your current bill such as electric, water, sewer, and garbage pickup. While customers will still be able to pay in cash at City offices for a few more months, effective immediately, customers are able to enjoy the benefits of paying their Lake Worth Beach utility bills at any of the following businesses nationwide: CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, and Family Dollar. Each of these businesses bring greatly expanded service hours and convenient locations nationwide compared to the City’s single downtown location.

The process is easy. Follow these three steps:

  • Download your digital barcode by visiting
  • Show your barcode at any participating retail location and let the cashier know you are making a cash payment towards your City of Lake Worth Beach utility bill
  • Keep your receipt. The City of Lake Worth Beach will be notified of your payment within 15 minutes

Our team is committed to continuously improving reliability while keeping rates competitive and your experience positive.Thank you for choosing to be a customer of our electric utility.


Ed Liberty