Our New Website

Welcome to the NEW City of Lake Worth Beach Website. We hope that you enjoy the enhanced user experience, more modern graphics, and much improved navigation. As with all websites please be aware that this site will continue to evolve over time; the city’s webmaster and communications team have extensive plans to ensure that this website continues to be transparent, fresh, and useful for all residents, visitors, businesses, and staff.

During development of the new City website, the City had multiple goals to achieve. These goals included:

  1. Increased usability. The new site’s increased usability is designed to the guidelines set forth by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v. 2.0, Level AA.
  2. “Mobile first”. A lot has changed since the initial design and deployment of the City’s legacy website. Mobile devices are now the most popular way to access the Internet. The City’s new website recognizes the device and screen size you are using and automatically optimizes the display of information on your device to provide you with an improved user experience. Support for touch devices is improved too.
  3. Ease of Use. The City used analytics to determine the features you use most often on our legacy website. Based on this empirical data, we designed the new website to make these features easy to find and easy to use. The new Home page provides “one click” access to these most often used features and information.
  4. Support for popular browsers and standards. When initially designed and implemented, the most popular browser was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the City’s legacy site was optimized to work on that browser. Times have changed and the new site was optimized to work with today’s popular browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari as well as meet new Internet standards like HTML5.
  5. Incorporate the new City name and branding. The new site is located at www.lakeworthbeachfl.gov. There’s a new City logo, new City colors, new email addresses, and new branding.

The City didn’t just update the website but used this opportunity to partner with providers that could improve different aspects of our online interactions, making life easier for residents, visitors, businesses, and staff. One example that is launching at the same time as the new website is the City’s new recruitment system. From the Home Page, click the “Jobs” button on the top right of the screen. You will be taken to the new recruitment system where you can learn about the City’s current vacancies and apply for positions online.

Future improvements include new online, ADA compliant, forms, that will make it easier and quicker to apply for permits or get assistance. Where the old website had endless amounts of documentation the new website will have less, but substantially more accessible documentation. Of course all documents will still be available by request through the City Clerk’s office but in order to meet modern compliance standards it isn’t possible for all documentation to be available online.

The City wants to know what you think of the new site and is interested in ways to continue to improve the site. Please send your comments and suggestions to improve the site to webmaster@lakeworthbeachfl.gov.